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About the Judo Club

Welcome to the Bi-Co – Haverford and Bryn Mawr – Judo Club! Judo is a Japanese martial art that¬†has been practiced for nearly 130 years. Judo is a defensive art, which relies on suppleness and manipulating an opponent’s strength against them. Its methodology was designed to not only be used in combat, but as a way of life; Judo literally translated means “the gentle way”. At Bryn Mawr Judo Club, we not only learn the technique of Judo, but its history and applicability to every day life.

Classes are held every Wednesday and Sunday, at Bryn Mawr Fitness on the Main Line with the Main Line Judo Club. You can come to as many as you want.  Attending one practice a week is required for PE credit. We have a table at Fall Frolic, so please stop by, meet some of our members, and learn about the club. We have open houses at the beginning of each semester for those who want to come try some Judo, or just see what the atmosphere is like!

Bi-Co Judo is a member of Campus Philly Judo- a city wide association of Judo clubs at Philadelphia area colleges.