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Below are some links for watching judo techniques, studying vocabulary,expanding your knowledge, and more.


Judo Information: 


Judo Vocabulary


How to tie your belt


An Intro Judo class, including the discussion of involved philosophy


An incredible slow-motion Tai otoshi throw (judoka Neil Adams)


Instructional video of Jeon Ki Young teaching Ouchi gari and Tai otoshi


Breakdown of Sumi gaeshi (judoka Malloy)



Fun and Interesting Links: 


A video of some of Koga’s techniques- Koga was one of the most skillful judoka of all time, especially for his Seoi nage throw


Some of Hirano’s techniques- Hirano is widely considered to be the best Judo technician of all time


2013 Women’s Judo World Championship


A famous 98-year old judoka became the first woman to earn the highest degree black belt


Cute video of little girls competing in Judo


“Don’t Call Me Sir”: A movie being made about a true story of a woman pretending to be a man in order to compete in Judo


Judo competition in the snow