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Yellow Belt Promotion!

As the end of the semester draws near, it is time for yellow belt promotion!

The written test can be found here:  and the instructions for the test are included below. *ORANGE BELT: The test sections go to Gokyu and 6 items are required to be known from each category*.


Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions! Those of us who took the yellow belt test last year can help with the written part of the exam, and we will all work on the techniques in Monday class next week with Sensei Esteban. Coming to practice is the best studying that you can do for this exam! Remember, for the written test, you are allowed to use outside resources, but please be mindful and make this a learning process.


Good luck!


Promotion Test Instructions: 

Starting with vocabulary on page 3: you need to know the vocabulary until where it says “Rokyu stop here”- Rokyu means yellow belt. Then go to page 6- you need to complete “General Information” until it says “Rokyu stop here”. On page 9 the techniques are listed- yellow belt is a 6K promotion (see the chart on top of the page). This means that you should know 4 throws from each category listed.

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